Monday, January 17, 2011

Beautiful Bride

The Beautiful Bride

Unified diversity
Functioning as one body
Every part encouraged by the other
No one independent of another
You're irreplaceable, indispensable
You're incredible,

Beautiful bride
One flesh abiding
Strong and unifying
Fighting ends in forgiveness
Unite and fight all division
Beautiful bride...

Strengthen your arms now
Train your fingers for battle
Urgency's here now
Train your fingers for battle
Fighting this violence
With your feet wrapped in peace
Sad tears and silence
Now screams of joy

We're not gonna fall and forget
How far You went to pick us up
If one part's hurt the whole body's sick
If one part mourns we all mourn with Him
Rejoice, we'll sing with you.

( I dedicate this to all my married friends , as you all are married at young age 20, I just hope it will be an eternal joy till death)

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WaFa ShaHiRaH said...

haha.. mekasih mekasih.. terharu kot~ ;p

Ikhwan Komunist said...

ko kawin ke ? hhahahah